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We are a couple of photographers passionate about everything related to photography, exploring techniques, mediums & subjects. Our main subjects? Nature and its wonders on every scales, offering glorious landscapes, astounding sunsets, colorful flowers, unexpected animals and so much more; Architecture, offering man-made lines an rhythms, trying to rival the grandioseness of nature; People, other cultures, cultural habits, social gatherings and habits.
We are always partial to a good portrait, whether in the studio or out there in the streets. And we are no less partial to a sunset casting vibrant colors on a beautiful beach.

Most of our pictures have been taken either during trips, treks, outings or in the studio. To discover them, browse through our albums, or head to our categories section. And if you like what you see, would like to organize a collaboration, buy some prints, or enquire about a photoshoot for you or your company, just drop us an email!

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Normandy 12
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